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John Damberg Latin Jazz Quintet Performance Reviews 

February 16, 2014

Hello John!

Your Latin Jazz Quintet was AWESOME last night! Wonderful synergy between the 5 of you!

Sending Love, Light & Music Always!
Laurel & Doug Epps
Anchorage Marimba School

“An accomplished be-bopper himself, Damberg combines the marimba, vibraphone and steel drum in the many noted harmonic style of Charlie Parker and his descendants with the rhythmic and melodic undergirdings of the Samba.”

“Damberg made a fine match with his chief cohort flutist and soprano saxophonist Herb Kloss…. Indeed, both have an excellent feel for placing notes in coherent patterns. Likewise, their improvisations are thematic; the listener doesn’t feel lost in lines wrought be running all the notes in chord changes. The blending of the instrument timbres is just about ideal.”

Larry Spellens Anchorage Daily News

“For the last five years, marimba man John Damberg has been a driving force on the Anchorage jazz scene.”

Mike Dunham Anchorage Daily News

“Herb Kloss’ flute and Damberg’s vibes carried the melody. Their harmonic blending was a soft Caribbean balm, yet they could drive like a hurricane when required.” “Damberg is a fleet, melodic soloist who appreciates the importance of varied phrase and note length, and spacing to swing.”

Larry Spellens Anchorage Daily News

“Damberg’s group had the ease, grace and wing of those West Coast groups, as well as the appealing sound blend of less voluminous instruments.” “Just as notable as the balance and sonority of the ensemble was the quality of the compositions, which were all originals. Most of these were Damberg’s and were marked by lyricism and swing.” Larry Spellens Anchorage Daily News